War movie in making!

End of II World War. Two hostile camps. Soviet units against nazi soldiers, stationed in fort based near Breslau. Both sides tired from few months of struggle, fights for survival. Germans, aware of impending doom, take less and less rational decisions. Every soldier that is supspected of colaboration with the enemy is hanged. Dangerous game begins with lives at stake. Usually very young lives.

With our own resources we manged to film 3/4 of the movie. Project invloved many young filmmakers with passion for their job. Video material was also created with help of GRH 609 Division Reconstruction Group. Large part of the members stared in our movie in their own uniforms and with private equipment. We want to make history of war-engulfed Breslau to be not only part of few pages in the history books. We want everyone, including Breslau citizens, tourists, students to have a chance to uncover secrets of our city in visually attractive way.

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