Case Study – Hong Kong Trailer

In October, we had a chance to record another adventure of Polish urban explorers group PureX. They are mostly known for their expeditions to the abandoned buildings and very high rooftops. This time they decided it is time to go to Hong Kong and explore the local rooftops!

The trip was an amazing experience and the memories will definitely last a lifetime. We were thinking whether we could use this video to promote our video business. The answer was a definite yes!

We knew that the topic of the video is catchy, and we wanted to make the most of it. We decided to use Facebook Ads and some low profile worth of mouth tactics. We didn’t have to wait long. The video picked up very quickly and the results were far beyond our expectations.

Below you can see some noteworthy data about the post.

Hong Kong in numbers:
• Post was seen by 212842 people
61675 unique people have seen the video
1443 reactions and likes

Due to this promotion, we have seen a large growth of our profile. Since the video was posted we have gained 206 new page likes, which was an almost 10% growth.

Now there is a big challenge ahead of us. We are now starting to working on the actual short documentary. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

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