We specialise in advertising and feature film production, on both a small and large scale. A good plan is the foundation of a successful film, and our experienced crew will make sure everything goes smoothly. You can leave all the formalities, such as castings, location scouting, contracts or documentation, to us.

Camera movement

Your vision is most important and our experienced camera operators will translate it into exciting images. With attention to detail, we will create storyboards, break them down into single shots and use the necessary equipment to make sure that every scene is remembered. Our experience, as well as high-end video equipment, deliver quality under any conditions, both in and out of the studio.


We will give you advice on your ideas, create concept arts and propose unique ways to produce the content. We will create a professional script based on your ideas and make sure your vision is clear to the whole crew during the production process. This will ensure that even the smallest details will be added to your story.


We offer a wide range of photographic services, including advertising, editorial, corporate and documentary photography. Our photographers will make sure your products, stories or events get the attention they deserve.


Editing is an art of its own. During post-production, a variety of specialised, editing software will be used to add a uniqueness to your video. We will create conceptual moods by adding effects that will complement your ideas, for example, VFX explosions, typography animations or colour grading

Video workshops

We have a special workshop offer for companies and institutions. Our crewmembers will teach the participants’ basics of video editing, on-set crewmember functions and the basics of camera and equipment handling, during a mixture of theoretical and practical exercises.